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Are You Keeping Your Credit in Check?

Monday May 26, 2014
In the past few posts we have covered various topics related to credit and how to not only obtain a free credit report online but also how to monitor your credit to make sure you don't have less than perfect credit. While there are many different types of credit reports you have as an individual and as a business; each one is different and contains different data related to how you or your company handles its financial affairs. From Experian Business to Dun & Bradstreet, each agency can impact if and how much credit your company can obtain and at what terms. So if your looking to plan your business and obtain a business credit card or unsecured business credit line be sure to check your personal and company credit reports. Until next time...

What's Your Path to Business Financing?

Thursday April 17, 2014
business finance The past few articles I've written have covered various aspects of obtaining financing for your business. As you know acquiring business credit and finding working capital does not have to be an uphill battle. When starting up a small business or working with an existing one, it all starts with assessing what strengths you and your business bring to the table and what weaknesses you have to overcome. For example, if your business has a strong idea and you have some initial backers but need to raise additional capital why not consider crowdfunding?

Let's say your business has revenues but you have challenged credit. Why not consider revenue based financing as an alternative? The good news is there are solutions and funding programs that are designed to work with virtually every type of business situation. In addition to business funding I also covered the importance of separating your personal and business credit.

For starters, did you get your DUNS Number for your business yet? Stay tuned as we will continue to post new informative articles geared to helping you acquire the financing your business needs without putting your personal credit at risk every time.

Until next time!

How To Check Your Business Credit Reports

Sunday March 2, 2014

Your personal credit report is a financial report card of how you have managed your credit. Anyone who has a legitimate need can pay a consumer credit agency such as Equifax, Experian, or Transunion to view your report. As a consumer it's important to closely monitor your credit reports to ensure all information being reported is check business creditaccurate. To check your personal credit reports go to Annual Credit Report.com to take advantage of your free annual credit report from each of the major consumer reporting agencies.

But how do you check your business credit reports?

Like consumer credit reports, business credit reports are a company's financial report card of how a business has managed its financial and credit obligations. Unfortunately, there are no laws entitling business owners to a free annual business credit report.

While there are over 30 business credit agencies in the U.S., the three largest and most prominent ones are Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax Small Business, and Corporate Experian. Each of these agencies serves large segments of the financial industry. They collect data on millions of companies and compile the information into a readable format; the business credit report.


Here’s a Way to Get Quick Business Loans

Saturday February 22, 2014

Obtaining a traditional business loan is a lengthy process and requires a great deal of documentation. When you apply for a conventional business loan, you'll need to submit various documents regarding your company and its financial standing. While the exact documentation needed is different between lenders, some of the common requirements include a business plan, credit reports, personal and business tax returns, financial statements and the list goes on.

quick business loans

Although traditional lenders are beginning to loosen their belts; a high level of scrutiny is still imposed when reviewing a business for a loan. If time is a luxury you simply don't have there is an alternative funding program that enables you to get a quick business loan approval in 2 business days and funding as fast as 7 business days.

It's called a Revenue Based Loan.

Revenue based financing also known as cash flow based lending is the ideal funding solution for business owners who are in need of fast funding. Read More...

Does Your Bank Credit Rating Have What it takes to be Creditworthy?

Friday February 14, 2014

Your business bank account plays a crucial role in how your company manages its day to day finances. Did you know your bank history of deposits, withdrawals, average daily balances, overdrafts, etc. all play a factor in how your financial institution views your company's bank rating?

The three most important types of credit ratings a business owner should be aware of are; consumer credit scores, business credit ratings, and bank credit ratings. Consumer credit reports and scores are considered a financial report card on how well an individual manages his personal finances.

bank credit rating

Goodbye and Good Luck

Sunday April 28, 2013

Friends and Readers: I am leaving About.com effective April 30. I've enjoyed my time here but it is time for me to move on. Please continue to read my articles on About.com as the information on finance will help you in your small businesses. I will also be writing about finance on my new blog. I hope I have interesting and helpful information for you as we move into the future.

Accounting Reporting Standards - FASB and IFRS may soon be one

Friday March 29, 2013

There isn't much different in international accounting reporting standards (IFRS) and GAAP (US accounting reporting standards). In the interest of globalization and transparency between companies of different countries, the Securities and Exchange Commission in the U.S. has been trying for a number of years to come up with a convergence of the two that satisfies both accounting professional, the business community, and investors in the U.S. and in foreign countries.

By 2016, for all practical purposes,IFRS and FASB may be one and the same. The SEC and world leaders feel that this will allow investors across the world to compare U.S. and foreign companies with more transparency and standardization and with the opportunity for growing economic prosperity. There is one rather important (to US investors) difference between FASB rules and IFRS. IFRS does not allow LIFO inventory accounting procedures, which is not a favored change by accounting professionals. What do you think?

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Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Wednesday March 27, 2013

Are you considering filing bankruptcy for your small business? If you are, you need a business bankruptcy attorney. Don't just go out into your local community and hire the first attorney you find. Bankruptcy is an important and possibly expensive step. You need the best representative you can find.

Here is an article listing some steps you can follow in finding a qualified business bankruptcy attorney including sources you can tap. I hope this helps you!

If you want to look for a bankruptcy lawyer in a specific location, look here.

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Use Profitability Ratio Analysis to Satisfy your Investors

Monday March 18, 2013

In this very aggressive and nervous financial market, investors are looking at the bottom line. They want to know a company's return on equity and return on investment and they don't want to fool around. Doing a complete profitability analysis and having it available for your investors is a smart thing for any publicly traded firm to do.

There are different types of ratios that tell you, as a business owner, and your investors different things. Margin ratios spit out one type of information and returns ratios another. Put everything together for your investors in the DuPont Model and you have a complete profitability analysis. Check out this latest article on the Business Finance website.

Profitability Ratio Analysis

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Time Value of Money is the Backbone of Finance

Friday March 1, 2013

In your business, you always need to know what to pay for something - an asset, for example, like a monetary investment or plant and equipment. In order to know what to pay for it, you have to able to calculate its present value. You will accrue payments from many types of investments. If these payments are equal and consecutive, they are called annuities. As a business person, you need to be able to calculate the present value of two types of annuities - ordinary annuities, which pays you payments at the end of a time period and annuities due, which pays you at the beginning of the time period, in order to know what to pay for your investments now.

These articles help you learn to make these calculations in a variety of ways!

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