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Business Finance November 2012 Archive


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Business Tax Tips to Consider Before the end of 2012 - Listen up!

Thursday November 29, 2012
No one quite knows what is going to happen with the Bush tax cuts and the fiscal cliff between now and the end of 2012. Regardless, there are important actions ... Read More

Learn to Prepare the Financial Budget for Your Small Business

Thursday November 29, 2012
There are two parts to the master budget you should set up for your business firm - the operating budget and the financial budget. The operating budget is always prepared ... Read More

Get Behind Increased Lending Limits of Credit Unions for Small Business!

Tuesday November 27, 2012
We all complain about the lack of business lending available in our economy. Now there is something we can do about it. There is a bill currently outstanding that should ... Read More

Holiday Finance and Accounting Books for Gift-Giving

Monday November 26, 2012
There is so much interest in the financial markets right now and how the financial markets affect the economy - and vice versa. In order to run their companies, small ... Read More

Military Should Take Advantage of VA Business Loans

Friday November 23, 2012
The Veterans Administration does not directly make loans directly. There is an Office of Veterans Affairs in the Small Business Administration (SBA) that helps administer loans that the SBA guarantees ... Read More

Solvency Ratios - Can They be Applied to Pension Funds?

Monday November 19, 2012
I recently read an article about the Ohio pension fund for government workers and teachers. The Ohio governor, John Kasich, has proposed using contributions to this pension fund to help ... Read More

Return on Capital Employed - a Near Perfect Measure of Business Performance

Wednesday November 14, 2012
If your company has investors, naturally they want to know how their investment is faring. One of best measures of performance for your investors and for you as a business ... Read More

What Effect Will the Fiscal Cliff Have on Your Small Business?

Monday November 12, 2012
Now that the Presidential election is over, all that we're hearing on the news is about the "fiscal cliff." The fiscal cliff is that place that the U.S. is going ... Read More

The Bush Tax Cuts Expiring at the End of the Year - Effect on Small Business

Saturday November 10, 2012
Unless the President and Congress can compromise and take some action, the Bush tax cuts will expire 12/31/2012. What does that mean? It means that for most of us, our ... Read More

The Obama Affordable Health Care Act and Implications for Small Business

Wednesday November 7, 2012
President Obama has won a second term in office. What's more, the Affordable Health Care Act survived, mostly intact, a challenge taken up by the Supreme Court. Some time ago, ... Read More

Types of Equity Financing for Small Businesses

Wednesday November 7, 2012
Some small businesses live and die by debt financing because they don't want to give up any control to outside investors. There are many types of equity financing available for ... Read More

Does your Business Firm Use Leverage to Increase your Returns?

Thursday November 1, 2012
The judicious use of leverage can increase the returns of your business firm. Leverage just refers to the use of debt financing to increase the returns of the business firm. ... Read More

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