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Sources of Financing for your Small Business

Monday January 28, 2013
The article that has earned the top spot on About.com's Small Business Finance' homepage is the one on Sources of Small Business Financing - a Comprehensive List. Small businesses are ... Read More

Details of the Fiscal Cliff Agreement for Small Business

Thursday January 24, 2013
The fiscal cliff negotiations in early January resulted in a compromise -of sorts. A small compromise, not the big compromise lawmakers had hoped for. At least it was enough to ... Read More

The Accounting Equation

Thursday January 17, 2013
Are you familiar with the accounting equation? It represents the relationship between assets, liabilities, and shareholder's equity on the balance sheet and can be extended to include the income statement. ... Read More

The Most Interesting Blog Topics in Business Finance in 2012? Choose a Topic and Email me!

Monday January 14, 2013
The About.com Business Finance website posts a lot of blog posts during the year. During 2012, I decided to see what topics were of the most interest to my readers. ... Read More

Want to Start Up a Business in 2013? Which Industry Should you Choose?

Friday January 11, 2013
More and more entrepreneurs are starting up businesses. Some businesses have a better chance of succeeding than others. In this tough economic climate, entrepreneurs need all the help they can ... Read More

Try to Reach the Sustainable Growth Rate for your Business

Tuesday January 8, 2013
You're one of the lucky ones and your business is growing. This is a good thing, right? It IS a good thing if you are growing at your sustainable growth ... Read More

Some Creative New Year's Resolutions for your Business

Monday January 7, 2013
You can find all kinds of articles on the 'net giving you possible New Year's resolutions for your business. In each and every one, I would bet that "increase your ... Read More

Use Short-Term Business Loans for Your Working Capital Needs

Friday January 4, 2013
Small businesses can't survive without funding for their operations. They need funding in the short-term for working capital needs, seasonal needs, cyclical needs, and cash flow ebbs and flows. This ... Read More

Consider the Restrictive Covenants in Small Biz Bank Loans

Wednesday January 2, 2013
If you, as a small business owner, take out a bank term loan, your loan is likely to include loan covenants. Loan covenants are restrictions on what your company should ... Read More

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