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Rosemary Peavler

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Rosemary Carlson Peavler is a retired college professor of Business Finance. She has been granted the status of Professor Emeritus in Business/Finance from Morehead State University where she taught for 25 years. She has been a freelance writer in finance and a small business consultant for 15 years. Rosemary currently works for a Fortune 500 company writing executive education material.


Rosemary has 25 years of experience in teaching business finance on a university level. During her career as a college professor, she has done consulting for small businesses, income tax planning, and has served as an expert witness in federal court cases. In addition, Rosemary wrote educational material for textbooks and websites for a variety of publishers. Rosemary writes courses for executive education development in her area of finance.

Rosemary has also been a freelance writer in finance and other areas of business for more than 15 years. In addition to business finance, she is an expert in writing on any area in business, personal finance, education, particularly online education and distance learning; politics, geopolitical and social issues, and such diverse areas as home and travel, gardening, books, and pets. She currently writes executive education material for a Fortune 500 company. She has written for an online brokerage, several online magazines, many websites including About.com, formerly owned by the New York Times, a number of print publications, and columns for newspapers. She has run her own small business as a writer and small business consultant for 15+ years.


Rosemary has a doctoral degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance from the University of Kentucky. She also has a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Morehead State University in Morehead, KY.

Rosemary's education has also come from her business clients and extensive travel.

By Rosemary Peavler:

Rosemary is currently an online course developer for a Fortune 500 company. She is also doing freelance writing work in all areas of finance, education, small business management, geopolitical and social issues, online and distance learning, and in many other areas. Contact information is below.

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