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Corporate Tax Rates, and Calculating What You Owe
A chart showing the corporate tax rates - the federal income tax rate charged to corporations, based on level of income reported on corporate income tax Form ...
S Corporation Income Tax - US Business Law / Taxes - About.com
Lists all the taxes an s corporation pays including income taxes, employment ( payroll) taxes, sales and excise taxes, and property taxes.
Estimated Taxes - US Business Law / Taxes - About.com
How to figure estimated taxes required for businesses and when to make estimated tax payment.
S-Corporation Taxation - Introduction - Tax Planning: U.S. - About.com
An S-Corporation is not subject to corporate tax rates. "Generally, an S corporation is exempt from federal income tax other than tax on certain capital gains and ...
Tax Forms and Processes for Business Types Explanation
When you are considering what type of business to select, consider how each business type pays income taxes. This article compares the types of businesses ...
S-Corporations - Business Taxes - About.com
Tax information for subchapter S corporations. ... What You Need to Know About Tax Rates · S Corporations are generally exempt from federal income taxes.
What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate? - US Business Law / Taxes
The capital gains tax rate for corporations is the same as the income tax rate; all income for a corporation is taxed at the federal corporate tax. Back to What You ...
Tax Return Due Dates for Business Types - US Business Law / Taxes
When is my business tax due? It depends on the type of legal entity of your business. These are the deadlines for filing business taxes for the 2014 filing year.
How Does a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Pay Taxes?
Forming an LLC provides limited liability protection for owners, who are taxed at their personal tax rates. A limited liability company is not a taxing entity, and it is ...
Payroll Taxes for S-Corporation Shareholders - Tax Planning: U.S.
Shareholders of S-Corporations do not pay Self-Employment Tax if they are actively engaged as a shareholder-employee of the S-Corporation.
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