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Direct and Indirect Costs - Business Finance - About.com
They are costs like advertising, depreciation, general supplies for your firm, accounting services, etc. They are services, and costs, for your entire firm, not just  ...
Areas of Accounting and Their Relationship to Your Business
Other areas of accounting, such as tax accounting, also have a relationship with business ... Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Cost Accounting.
Cost Object - Business Finance - About.com
A cost object can also be a project, a service, or a customer. A cost object is a management accounting or cost accounting term and is used when allocating ...
Cost Accounting - Financial Careers - About.com
A thorough understanding of basic cost accounting principles is a must not only for those in a wide range of financial careers, but also for those in marketing and  ...
Low Cost Non-profit Accounting Software - Financial Software
List of free and low cost accounting software options for nonprofit organizations on a tight budget. Get details about ACCOUNTS, Aplos, Zoho Books, Big E-Z, ...
Calculating Profit - Economics - About.com
Accounting profit is simply dollars in minus dollars out, or total revenue minus total explicit cost. Economic profit, on the other hand, is equal to total revenue ...
General Accounting Policies - Defense - About.com
One section of the accounting system procedures describes the general accounting policies such as cost pools, direct versus indirect and application of costs to ...
Minority Interests - Cost, Equity, and Consolidated Methods
Minority Interests - The Cost Method, Equity Method, and Consolidated Method ... The way a company accounts for investments in other businesses depends on ...
Accounting Degree - Overview - Business School - About.com
Management Accountants - Sometimes known as private or cost accountants, management accountants record and analyze financial information for their ...
Fixed and Variable Costs When Starting a Business
There are two types of costs or expenses in a small business firm. ... Start Your Own Business · Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping Practices · Budgeting for ...
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