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Credit Union - Small Business Loan - Business Finance - About.com
If a small business has a tie that qualifies them as a possible credit union member, the credit union may be able to offer them all the products and services they ...
How to Find a Credit Union - Banking/Loans - About.com
Finding a credit union can be tricky, and you'll want to make the right choice before you go through the trouble of changing your bill payments and direct deposit ...
Overview of Credit Union Safety, Services, and Structure
A credit union is an institution owned by the “members” or customers. Contrast this with banks where the customers are just customers. Banks answer to ...
Credit Union Member - What it Means to be a Member
Customers of credit unions are called members. What does that mean, and how is it any different from being a bank customer? Find out what the credit union ...
Bank vs. Credit Union - Which is Better? - Banking/Loans - About.com
Credit unions are nonprofit organizations owned by their customers, who are called 'members'. Ideally this means you'd get a better deal at the credit union.
How to Get a Credit Union Loan - Banking/Loans - About.com
Credit union loans are among the most competitive loans available. How can you get one? You just need to join a credit union (if you're not already a member) ...
How to Open a Credit Union Account - 3 Easy Steps - Banking/Loans
Opening an account at a credit union is fairly easy. This page covers the three basic steps required to open a credit union account . For a basic overview of how  ...
National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) - Definition
Definition: National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) is a government backed insurance fund for credit union deposits similar to FDIC insurance for ...
Advantages of Credit Unions - Money in Your 20s - About.com
Many people do not realize that a credit union may have several advantages over banks. It is not uncommon to hear complaints about service fees, interest rates ...
Credit Unions - Banking/Loans - About.com
Credit Unions are very similar to banks, but credit unions have some unique characteristics that make them different. Is a credit union better than a bank?
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