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Direct and Indirect Costs - Business Finance - About.com
If your company produces a widget and a production manager is hired to oversee production of that widget, then the production manager's salary is a direct cost.
How to Prepare a Direct Labor (Operating) Budget - Business Finance
As an exercise, assume that a product uses two hours of direct labor per unit. Expected production for the year is 1,250 units. The average wage cost per hour is ...
What is the Definition of Cost in a Business Firm? Product and ...
They have to be able to determine the cost of a customer. There are many types of costs, such as direct and indirect costs that a manager must understand to ...
How to Calculate Cost of Goods Sold - US Business Law / Taxes
Knowing the cost of the goods you sell allows you to take a larger tax deduction. ... There are two types of costs included in COGS: Direct and Indirect. Direct ...
What is Cost of Goods Sold? (COGS) - US Business Law / Taxes
Cost of Goods Sold (sometimes referred to as "cost of sales" or COGS) is a figure which reflects the ... COGS is the direct costs of producing a product for sale.
The High Cost of High Employee Turnover
These cost include both direct costs like the fee paid to a recruiter to find candidates for you as well as indirect costs like the business you lost because you didn't ...
Cost Plus Contracts and How To Use Them - Construction - About.com
The three main components of a Cost-plus-contract are: Direct Costs: Labor, materials, supplies, equipment and professional consultants being contracted by  ...
Cost of Goods Sold and Business Income Taxes
Cost of goods sold includes the direct cost of producing the product or the wholesale price of goods resold and the direct labor costs to produce the product.
Expenses for Your Home Office - Direct and Indirect
For an example, if you paint the walls of your office, the cost of the paint is a direct expense. However, you may not deduct for the cost of your own labor.
General Accounting Policies - Defense - About.com
One section of the accounting system procedures describes the general accounting policies such as cost pools, direct versus indirect and application of costs to ...
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