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Asset Management Ratios - Efficiency - Turnover - Business Finance
Asset management ratios are the key to analyzing how effectively and efficiency your small business is managing its assets to produce sales.
What Is the Inventory Turnover Ratio and How Is It Calculated?
It measures the efficiency of the firm in managing and selling its inventory, and is one of the most important ratios in financial ratio analysis.
Asset Turnover Ratios and How They Are Calculated
Asset turnover ratios, also called efficiency ratios, measure the efficiency with which a company's assets generate sales.
What Is the Energy Efficiency Ratio? - Saving Energy - About.com
The EER of a product also determines the product's SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which is defined as the measure of cooling efficiency for air ...
What Is an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)? - Housewares/Appliances
What an Energy Efficiency Ratio is and what it means in relation to air conditioners.
Profitability Ratio Analysis - Business Finance - About.com
Profitability ratios show a company's overall efficiency and performance. We can divide profitability ratios into two types: margins and returns. Ratios that show ...
What Are the Five Categories of Financial Ratios? - Business Finance
The most common asset efficiency ratios are the inventory turnover ratio, the receivables turnover ratio, the days' sales in inventory ratio, the days' sales in ...
Asset Management Ratios and How They Are Used
Asset management or asset utilization ratios tell a small business how efficiently it is utilizing its assets to generate sales. Inventory, receivables, fixed assets, ...
Total Asset Turnover Ratio - Calculation and Interpretation
Turnover ratios, in general, demonstrate a company's efficiency in handling its asset base. This ratio is the summary ratio for the asset turnover ratios as a group .
Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio and How to Calculate It
The accounts receivable turnover ratio works with the average collection period ratio to determine the quality of a firm's receivables and the efficiency of the firm's  ...
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