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How Budget Cuts Affect Teachers - Secondary Education - About.com
Teachers feel the brunt of educational budget cuts in many ways. In a field where in good times about 20% of teachers leave the profession in the first three ...
What Teachers Would Cut to Alleviate School District Budget Issues
In your opinion, what budget cuts should be made to school budgets that the lessen the effects on student learning and educational quality? Make your voice ...
Easy Budget Cuts - Financial Planning - About.com
Most of us have one or more costly indulgence that's weighing on our budget -- from ... What is the one thing you could easily cut from your budget to save some  ...
Whose Idea Was Sequestration? - US Politics on About.com
Woodward, writing in the newspaper in 2013, said: "... the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House and were the brainchild of Lew and White  ...
Sequestration - Definition in the Federal Budget
Sequestration is a term used to describe the practice of using mandatory spending cuts in the federal budget if the cost of running the government exceeds either ...
US Military Budget - US Economy - About.com
The FY 2015 US Military Budget is $495.6 billion, second only to Social Security. ... DoD requested $495.6 billion for its base budget, and planned to cut its costs ...
10 Ways to Cut Monthly Budget Expenses - Work at Home Moms
OK, so you've already cut your monthly budget in an effort to build your savings. Daily lattes are gone, dinners out are rare, and perhaps you're saving money by ...
Sequestration - Defense - About.com
Sequestration is the plan to reduce government spending by requiring across the board spending cuts. The cuts are to happen in January 2013.
Bush Education Cuts Take From Poor, Disabled & Immigrant Students
George Bush's education budget cuts of $2 billion for fiscal 2006 actually provide more funds for wealthier students, while taking educational opportunities and ...
Sequestration - US Economy - About.com
Sequestration cut FY 2013 spending by $85.5 billion, and $109.3 billion in in each year from FY 2014 -FY 2012. It cuts spending in Mandatory programs, like ...
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