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Fixed and Variable Costs When Starting a Business
There are two types of costs or expenses in a small business firm. They are fixed and variable costs. Variable costs change as sales change. Fixed costs do not ...
How to do Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Cost-volume-profit analysis estimates how much changes in a company's costs, both fixed and variable, sales volume, and price affect a company's profit.
Direct and Indirect Costs - Business Finance - About.com
Direct costs are often, but not always, variable costs. Variable costs increase as more units of the product are manufactured. As a result, raw materials are ...
Breakeven Analysis - Fixed Costs vs. Variable Costs
Variable costs are costs that vary directly with the number of products produced. For instance, the cost of the materials needed and the labour used to produce ...
Understanding Variable Costs - Arts and Crafts as a Business
This article explains variable costs, which are costs that go up and down depending on how much arts and crafts inventory or products you sell. This includes ...
The Costs of Production - Economics - About.com
Variable costs, on the other hand, are costs that do change depending on how much output the firm produces. Variable costs include items such as labor and ...
Aircraft Variable Costs - Aviation & Aerospace - About.com
Fixed and variable costs are important to determine when buying or operating an airplane. While fixed costs are relatively obvious, variable costs can be ...
Variable Expense - Variable Expenses - Variable Costs
Also Known As: Variable Cost. Examples: The pay of a sales person might include a fixed portion (the base salary) plus a variable portion (the commissions on ...
A Review of Average and Marginal Cost - Economics - About.com
A similar relationship holds between marginal cost and average variable cost- when marginal cost is less than average variable cost, average variable cost is ...
How to Calculate Breakeven Point - Cost ... - Business Finance
Learning how to calculate breakeven point helps a business owner make decisions about fixed costs, variable costs, and the price of the product as they relate ...
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