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Business Finance and the Economy

Issues about the economy and business finance are vital for the small business owner to understand in our increasingly global economy. No matter how small your business firm, sooner or later, you will have to understand wider economic issues if you are to succeed in your company operations.

Best Business Opportunities with the Most Profit Potential in 2013
Here are ten of the most profitable small businesses opportunities with low initial investments to start in 2013.

What is Shareholder Wealth Maximization and Should Firms Pursue it?
Shareholder wealth maximization or maximizing the value of a business firm's stock price should be the goal of businesses in capitalist societies. Shareholders own the firm and money accrues to them through the increased value of their stock. Social responsibility can co-exist with shareholder wealth maximization.

What is the Agency Cost for Business?
Agency cost is the operating expense caused in a business firm when managers and shareholders disagree about firm decisions. This disagreement leads to the agency problem, which is the conflict in businesses between shareholders and management due to this desire on the part of management for self-interested behavior and the goal of the firm...

The Glass-Steagall Act - History, Repeal, Possible Rebirth
The Glass-Steagall Act, or the Banking Act of 1933, was enacted during the Great Depression to separate the powers of commercial and investment banks. It kept banks from using depositors' money to make risky investments. It was repealed in 1999, but the Obama administration is thinking about re-enacting parts of it again in order to protect depositors money in the future.

Should regulation on banks be increased and improved?
The Obama administration is considering re-enacting parts of the Glass-Steagall Act, repealed in 1999, which separated the powers of commercial and investment banks. This Act protected depositors' money because it kept banks from using depositors' money to make risky investments, among other things.

Ben Bernanke: The Controversial Chairman of the Federal Reserve
When Ben Bernanke was named Time Magazine's Man of the Year, many people were confused and even disgusted. Many people didn't understand Time's choice as Bernanke was blamed, in part, for the collapse of Wall Street in the fall of 2008.

Community Banks may be the Answer for Small Business Banking
Changing bank regulation has affected small business financing and its sources of financing. Large banks are more interested in the larger businesses as customers. Community banks may be the answer for small business financing.

How to Get a Dun & Bradstreet Rating
Not sure how to get a Dun & Bradstreet rating? Discover what it takes to get a rating with Dun & Bradstreet so you can have a creditworthy business.

Free Business Credit Report Online
How can you get a free business credit report online? Learn the truth about getting free business credit reports and what services are truly free.

How to Correct Errors on Your Business Credit Reports

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