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Corporate Tax Rates for Tax Year 2012

Tax Rates for C Corporations and Some Other Forms of Businesses for 2012


Below you will find a table giving you the corporate tax rates for tax year 2012 for C corporations and some other forms of business organization. If your business has been incorporated as a C corporation, here are the income tax rates you use for the 2012 tax year.

For tax purposes, a multiple member LLC can choose to file either a corporate or partnership tax return and a one-member LLC can file a corporation or sole proprietor (personal) tax return. If a LLC chooses to file as a partnership, then it must file IRS Form 1065 with instructions located here at tax time. If it chooses to file as a corporation, it has to file IRS Form 1120 with instructions located here at tax time. Non-profits are also taxed as corporations.

A S Corporation, sole proprietorship, or LLC/LLP/PLLC/PLLP taxed as partnerships, are taxed on the personal or shareholder level because the income passes through the corporation and is taxed at the level of the individual. Income is taxed at the individual's personal tax rate.

Corporate Tax Rates for 2012

Taxable income over Not over Tax Rate
$ 0 $ 50,000 15%
50,000 75,000 25%
75,000 100,000 34%
100,000 335,000 39%
335,000 10,000,000 34%
10,000,000 15,000,000 35%
15,000,000 18,333,333 38%
18,333,333 .......... 35%

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