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Cash Management

Cash management is about keeping the investment in cash as low as possible while keeping the firm solvent and operating efficiently and effectively.
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Free Cash Flow is the Gold Standard of a Company's Financial Health
Free cash flow is the cash a company has available after meeting all its obligations including increases in fixed assets and paying dividends. It's a better method of determining a company's financial health than earnings per share.

What is the Free Cash Flow Calculation?
What is the free cash flow calculation? There are three ways to calculate free cash flow.

Cash Flow Ratios - Calculate the Solvency, Liquidity, and Viability of your Firm
The cash flow statement is one of the three most important financial statement a business owner uses in cash flow analysis. The concept of cash flow is different from the concept of profit or net income and the business owner should think of each in different terms and analyze each from different perspectives. There are financial ratios that...

Cash Conversion Cycle - Converting Resources Into Cash Flows
The cash conversion cycle looks at the time tied up in converting inventory and receivables to cash, as well as the amount of time the company is given to pay its bills without incurring any penalties.

How to do a Cash Flow Analysis
This is a step-by-step account of how to do a simple cash flow analysis.

Cash Flow Analysis
Here is a series of articles detailing how to analyze both a cash budget and a statement of cash flows. There is also an article on how to calculate free cash flow and one on calculating the important cash flow ratios.

Managing Your Cash Flow Through Good Financial Liquidity Practices
Small businesses can't survive without watching their cash flow and practicing good cash management. Here are some articles on cash flow, liquidity, solvency, profit, and other cash management issues that will help small business owners.

Cash Management is Important for Your Small Business
Cash is king in small businesses. Without cash and liquidity management, small businesses will not survive one day. Cash management involves managing accounts receivable, inventory, and accounts payable. Financial ratio analysis is one tool of cash management.

Net Cash Flow
Definition of net cash flow

Cash Budget vs Statement of Cash Flows - What's the Difference?
There is a difference between the cash budget and the Statement of Cash Flows. The cash budget is a monthly view of your cash position. The Statement of Cash Flows is a required FASB financial statement along with the income statement and balance sheeet.

Increase Your Cash Flow
This article gives you a list of ways your small business can increase its cash flow.

Bootstrap Your Startup or New Business
Bootstrapping your business means generating funds internally from your cash flows. Bootstrappers watch every dollar and try to run their business on their own funds. These are some steps you can take to bootstrap your startup or new business.

Six Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow
In order for a business to stay afloat, it must maintain an adequate level of cash. These are six tips you can use to improve your cash flow. Adequate cash means that you can meet your obligations. Don’t just add and subtract your numbers, manage them. If you remember that cash is king and follow these tips, you should see an improvement in your...

How does the current ratio help me manage my cash position?
The current ratio is probably the most popular financial ratio business owners use to help them manage their cash position and their liquidity. They can use it to both compare their company to their industry and to other year's of company data.

What is net working capital and how can it help me manage my cash?
Measuring net working capital is one financial metric a business owner can use to manage cash and liquidity.

Net Cash Flow
Net cash flow helps indicate a firm's short-term financial performance.

CashFlow 101 Board and Web Game: Online Cash Flow Board Game
The online cash flow game, CashFlow 101, developed by Robert Kiyosaki under the Rich Dad brand, is extremely popular. Here is an opportunity for you to review this online cash flow game. Write a review!See submissions

Managing Asset Growth in Small Business Firms
As small businesses grow their sales, they also grow their asset base of different types of assets. Asset growth should be controlled and production has to be matched to sales needs.

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