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5 Sources of Information about Funding for Small Businesses

Follow these Twitter Accounts to get Information on Funding for your Business


Here are some of the major sources of information about funding for your small business. These individuals and companies distribute their information primarily via Twitter. Set up your Twitter account to follow these folks and you will be privy to sources of funding and breaking news regarding funding sources for your business. About.com has no connection or business interest in any of these organizations.

1. Small Business Loans and Grants

This is a premier site for small business loan and grant information. You can find federal, state and local loan and grant information for small businesses as well as different types of financing -- everything from venture capital to grants.

Set up your Twitter account to follow them businessdotgov.

2. SBABusinesscom

A premier site, in my opinion. SBA Business Leaders was founded by Patrick Spielmann, a former U.S. Army Officer. Spielmann has revolutionized loan packaging and preparation for Small Business Administration approval. His referral agents are constantly talking to business owners and bringing them into SBA Business Leaders to give them help in preparing their loan packages.

They are experts in acquiring SBA loans and putting together business plans that will allow businesses to qualify for SBA loans.

3. Alliance Financing Group, Inc.

Alliance Financing Group has actually developed personal financing products for business owners. Alliance is a publicly traded firm and is a commercial finance firm that emphasizes products and services for growing businesses. Business solutions include leasing, term loans, working capital, succession financing, and more.

4. Mentor Works, Ltd - Bernadeen McLeod

Mentor Works, Ltd specializes in consulting & mentoring small businesses to accelerate growth along with developing strategies with small business financing options and marketing strengths. Bernadeen helps business owners develop leadership skills needed to create a great business. With regard to financing, most of her sources are for Canada, but her coaching and mentoring methods are universal. Check it out!

5. FundingUniverse

FundingUniverse is a go-between with regard to entrepreneurs and financial intermediaries and financial institutions. They give tips on startup funding, angel investing, venture capital, small business loans, and other creative financing solutions. They help you prepare your firm for bank and investor scrutiny.

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