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Why you Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

Hire a Business Bankruptcy Attorney who is a Specialist


If your small business is filing for bankruptcy or you think you may have to file, hire a bankruptcy attorney who is a specialist in business bankruptcy. Here are some important reasons that you should choose a bankruptcy attorney who is a specialist in business.

1. Business Bankruptcy Attorneys are Certified

The American Board of Certification certifies attorneys in different specialties. They certify business bankruptcy attorneys. ABC is the premier legal certification specialty organization for bankruptcy attorneys. A certified bankruptcy attorney has met rigorous, objective standards and testing. They have demonstrated exceptional knowledge in bankruptcy and creditors' rights. A business bankruptcy attorney spent the last two years in law school specializing in business bankruptcy.

2. A Business Bankruptcy Attorney Will be Knowledge About State Laws

Laws on state certifications vary. You can view those laws at the American Bar Association's website. A bankruptcy attorney can help you make sense of these laws.

3. A Business Bankruptcy Attorney has Experience in Bankruptcy Proceedings

If you choose a business bankruptcy attorney, you can be sure that he or she already has experience in bankruptcy proceedings on a business level. Even if your business is not incorporated, you still need a bankruptcy attorney skilled at liquidating a business rather than one skilled in civil proceedings. Try to get references from several business bankruptcy attorneys to determine how much experience they have in bankruptcy proceedings.

4. A Business Bankruptcy Attorney is Part of Your Professional Team

You have an accountant who is probably a CPA. You may have a financial planner who may be a CFA. You have an attorney who is skilled in handling daily legal matters. It only makes sense that you should add a bankruptcy attorney to your team that is skilled in handling bankruptcy proceedings if you find you need to take that route.

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