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Interview Bankruptcy Attorneys Before you Hire

Questions you should ask before you Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney


If you have determined that your small business has to file for bankruptcy protection, then you need the help of bankruptcy attorneys. Most importantly, you must choose the right one. These interview questions will help you.

1. I'm only interviewing certified business bankruptcy attorneys. Are you one?

It's worth the money to put in your hiring pool only certified bankruptcy attorneys. Certified bankruptcy attorneys usually spend their last two years in law school specializing in business bankruptcy. They may also have other special education. They have had rigorous and specialized training and should have special certifications.

2. Have you sat with other bankruptcy attorneys on local bankruptcy court panels?

Only certified bankruptcy attorneys and those who are well-respected will sit on local bankruptcy debtor or creditor committees. If you are interviewing bankruptcy attorneys, you should compile a list of the bankruptcy attorneys who sit on the bankruptcy court panels in your area and put them on your interview list. They will be aware of the local and state laws which will help you when you file for bankruptcy protection.

3. How many bankruptcy cases have you handled?

Bankruptcy filings tend to be a volume business for many attorneys, which is both a good and a bad thing. You want to find bankruptcy attorneys who are experienced in handling bankruptcy cases. On the other hand, you want your case taken seriously.

4. What is your standing in the local bar association?

Whichever one of the bankruptcy attorneys you hire, you want them to be in good standing with the local bar association. Ask the bankruptcy attorneys and then check yourself with the local bar association.

5. How many of your bankruptcy cases have been business bankruptcies?

It's important that you, from your pool of bankruptcy attorneys, you choose an attorney who is a specialist in business bankruptcy filings. Preferably, you should hire an attorney who only deals with business bankruptcys. If you live in a small town, however, that may be impossible to find. If that is the case, find an attorney who has an extensive history of filing business bankruptcies.

6. How much will I see you during the bankruptcy proceedings?

Because business bankruptcy attorneys typically handle so many cases, they tend to use a lot of staff support such as paralegals. If you will be working with a paralegal instead of the attorney directly, find out now and ask to talk with that person.

7. How long will the bankruptcy proceeding take and how does it work?

Interview the bankruptcy attorneys concerning the length of the proceeding and how each sees the procedure working. It will depend on whether you file Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13.

8. How much will this bankruptcy proceeding cost?

Ask each of the bankruptcy attorneys about their fee structure and how payment will be made. Don't automatically choose the cheapest attorney. Choose the attorney with the best credentials and who can answer these interview questions to your satisfaction. Obtaining the best business bankruptcy attorney will make all the difference with regard to a successful bankruptcy proceeding.

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