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Business Tax Deductions

Business tax deductions from A to Z

Advertising is a tax-deductible expense for small businesses.

Bad Debts as a Tax-Deductible Business Expense
If a customer owes a debt that you have determined they will not pay, you can write this off as a business expense.

Banking Services Charges as a Business Expense
If you pay any sort of service charges, check fees, or online banking fees for your bank or credit union account, these are tax-deductible.

Business Licenses and Permits as Deductible Expenses
Small businesses pay a number of licenses and permits in order for them to legally operate.

Cash for Clunkers Tax Deductibility
The Cash for Clunkers program provided a tax benefit for small business just like it did for individuals.

Cell Phone Cost
The cost of a cell phone is a tax-deductible business expense depending on how much you use your cell phone for business and how much you use it for personal use.

Commissions and Fees
Sales commissions and fees are tax-deductible expenses for businesses.

Conferences and Business Meetings as Tax-Deductible Expenses
The cost of you or your employees attending conferences or meeting associated with your business is at least partially deductible. Part of the cost falls under the rules for travel and entertainment.

Contract Labor - A Tab Deductible Expense
You can deduct contract labor services provided to your business under certain conditions.

Credit Card Processing Fees
Fees for processing credit cards are tax-deductible.

Employee Child Care
If you offer child care benefits to your employees, you can deduct the cost as a business expense.

Gifts to Business Customers
Business gifts to customers are a tax-deductible expense up to a limit.

Gifts to Business Employees
Gifts to the employees of a small business are deductible up to a limit. But, be careful. They could be classified as entertainment expenses.

Home Office Deduction
The home office deduction, or business use of the home, is of particular help as a business deduction to those small sole proprietorships that operate as home businesses or to individuals who work part of the time out of their homes.

Insurance Premiums as Tax-Deductible Expenses
The minimum insurance coverage a business needs is fire, liability, and theft. The premiums on these policies are tax-deductible along with the premiums on a variety of other policies that small businesses need to have.

Salaries and Wages as Tax-Deductible Expenses
Salaries and wages paid to employees are tax-deductible business expenses. Other items also fall under the salaries and wags categories.

Sales Tax on New Vehicles
Sales tax on new vehicles are tax deductible after February 2009.

State Taxes Paid in the Spring of the Previous Year are Deductible
State taxes paid in the spring for the previous year are deductible expenses.

Subscriptions to Professional Publications - a Tax-Deductible Expense
Subscriptions to business-related, professional publications are a tax-deductible expense for small businesses.

Travel, Meal, and Entertainment Expenses are Deductible Expenses
Travel, meal, and entertainment expenses are partially deductible as business expenses.

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