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Cash Management Through Good Financial Liquidity Practices

Cash Management Techniques to Help Small Businesses Stay Afloat


Cash management is the lifeblood of small businesses, especially in tough economic times. Owners have to understand working capital management and cash management techniques. They have to understand the concept of free cash flow. They have to be able to prepare cash budgets and statements of cash flows. They have to be able to manipulate their cash flows as economic conditions change.

The articles below will provide you with information and help on all of these topics.

  1. Manage Your Liquidity for Effective Cash Control
  2. This is a beginning tutorial on calculating the liquidity ratios to determine your financial position regarding cash.

  3. Cash Management is Important for Your Small Business
  4. This article will start you off with a comprehensive discussion of best practices for cash management within your business firm.

  5. Bootstrap Your Startup or Small Business
  6. Internally generate your funds and effectively use your cash flow to run your business.

  7. Cash Flow Analysis
  8. Cash Flow Analysis is a hub for a number of articles on this subject. Check it out!

  9. Detailed Steps in Preparing a Statement of Cash Flows
  10. All the steps for preparing a statement of cash flow right here in one place.

  11. What does the burn rate mean and how is it calculated?
  12. The meaning and calculation of the burn rate.

  13. Cash Management Ratios

All the cash management ratios you will ever need!

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