1. Money

Forecasting Your Future Needs

Owners of small businesses forecast the future financial needs of their firms in order to determine how much money to borrow or how much equity to raise.

Financial Forecasting for Your Small Business
Small business owners have to develop the talent to plan ahead if they want their business to succeed. Part of that process is learning to develop projected financial statements in order to adequately plan for the future.

Tweak your Business Plan in a Recession
This article discusses how to adjust your business plan to reflect the conditions businesses face during a recession.

Adjust your Sales Forecast When Economic Times Change
This article discusses the need for a small business to adjust its sales forecast when economic times change for the better or worse.

The Truth May Hurt But Financial Projections Should be Brutally Honest
This article is about financial forecasting for the use of the business owner and how the owner must be realistic in those projections.

How to Forecast Revenue and Growth
This article is a tutorial on forecasting revenue and growth for a small business.

Creating a Sales Forecast
This article gives you a step-by-step account of how to create a sales forecast.

This is a page of articles and templates from Microsoft that will help you in your financial forecasting for your small business.

Financial Tips from the Experts
This is a list of tips on financial forecasting for small business owners.

How to Adjust your Sales Forecast When Economic Times Change
Are you worried about the economy? Maybe it is time to adjust your business sales forecast to take advantage of current economic conditions. Here's how.

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