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Small business owners need all the information they can get about applying for business loans as the market is competitive. Information is available about how to apply for a loan, the types of loans available, characteristics of small business loans, how to apply, documentation, and much more.

Financing a Business - How Likely is your Small Business to get a Business Loan?
Business Fundability is a measure of the possibility that a small business can get a small business loan based on a number of factors such as business credit, business identity, and others. It is a product developed by CredSystems in 2012 in collaboration with Experian credit reporting agency and a network of financial advisors in the U.S.

Choose a Bank for Your Business
Be careful when you choose a bank for your small business. Compare community vs large, regional banks. Compare the services each offers and how accessible they are to you.

Bank Loans for Small Business
This is a short article on the basics of commercial bank loans.

Restrictive Bank Loan Covenants for Small Businesses
When small businesses make application for a bank loan or a bank term loan, and are approved, the loan agreement often contains loan or restrictive covenants.

How to Prepare to Apply for a Small Business Loan
This is a discussion of five important factors involved in qualifying for a small business loan. Factors include credit history, how much money you will need for start-up assets, your business plan, and your documentation for your loan officer.

How to Get a Loan for a Startup Business
You have a good idea and a lot of enthusiasm for a new business. What you may not have is the money to start that business. How do you get a business loan for a startup business? Usually, a bank loan for a new business, or to buy an existing business, is the hardest type to get. The bank has no business history to look at in order to evaluate...

Four Reasons to Take Out a Business Loan
Small businesses take out commercial bank loans for a variety of reasons. Loans can come from other sources as well. Credit unions make loans to small businesses. Loans can be made using accounts receivable or inventory as collateral. Borrowing money is expensive for a company and raises its risk. In addition to the risk of whatever enterprise you are undertaking, borrowing money introduces anoth…

Demonstrating your Creditworthiness to a Bank
When a small business applies for a business loan, a bank or other lender follows a certain protocol when evaluating the application. One thing the bank uses is the 5 C's of credit analysis to evaluate the application for the loan. Bankers evaluate the small business in the context of the 5 C's in order to allocate their limited funds. Make sure...

Reasons to Open a Business Bank Account
When you open a business, one of your first tasks should be to open a business bank account. It is important to keep your personal and business finances separate. It's not enough to just keep separate records. You should actually keep the money physically separate in different bank accounts, one set up as a business account. Some business owners even use different banks for their business and per

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