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Obtaining Financing for your Business

Small businesses, whether you are starting a new business or buying an existing one, have to have money. You can choose debt, taking on investors, personal funds, or some combination.
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Bank Loans for Small Business
Small businesses have always survived on the strength of bank loans. Here are the basics of small business financing with commercial loans. A bank term loan has a particular term (length of maturity), such as long-term loans, and interest rate.

Best Sources of Small Business Financing in 2012
Here is a list of some of the sources for small business financing. The key for small businesses is finding a source of financing that fits your individual business and has a favorable interest rate.

Financing a Business - How Likely is your Small Business to get a Business Loan?
Business Fundability is a measure of the possibility that a small business can get a small business loan based on a number of factors such as business credit, business identity, and others. It is a product developed by CredSystems in 2012 in collaboration with Experian credit reporting agency and a network of financial advisors in the U.S.

Crowdfunding as a Source of Financing for Small Businesses
Crowdfunding, or crowd funding, is a new way for businesses to seek financing. A business, either a start-up or an existing business, can put an idea out there for the "crowd" and ask that it be funded. There are two forms of crowdfunding - rewards-based funding and equity-based funding.

Debt and Equity Financing
Small businesses can use both debt and equity financing for their business. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of debt financing and the advantages and disadvantages of equity financing for the small businesses.

Internal Sources of Business Capital - Operating Income and Sale of Assets
Operating income and the sale of firm assets are two internal sources of business financing.

Community Banks may be the Answer for Small Business Banking
Changing bank regulation has affected small business financing and its sources of financing. Large banks are more interested in the larger businesses as customers. Community banks may be the answer for small business financing.

Six Sources of Business Financing for your Startup Business
Financing a small business is often difficult and financing a startup business is even more difficult. Here are six sources of business financing for your startup business.

5 Sources of Information about Funding for Small Businesses
Here are some of the major sources of information about funding for your small business. These individuals and companies distribute their information primarily via Twitter. Set up your Twitter account to follow these folks. About.com has no connection or business interest in any of these firms.

Debt - What is debt?
What is debt?

Choosing Between Debt and Equity Financing
This article discusses choosing between debt and equity financing for your small business.

Financing a Start-Up
This article, from the Small Business Administration, discusses way in which to finance a start-up small business.

Using Retirement Funds to Start a Business
Planning on using retirement funds to start a business? Learn how to avoid paying large penalties when pulling money out by using a business directed retirement account.

Business Line of Credit: Old vs. New Comparison
What type of business line of credit is best? Discover the difference between a traditional business line of credit and an untraditional credit line.

How to Get a Business Credit Card
Want to know how to get a business credit card? Discover how to obtain a credit card for your business without putting your personal credit at risk.

Establishing Business Credit Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly
Is establishing business credit a difficult process? Learn how to avoid the mistakes and roadblocks during the business credit building process.

What is My D&B Number
What is my Dun and Bradstreet Number? Learn how to check if your business has a DUNS Number and how to obtain a D&B Number if you don't have one.

How to Get Money for a New Business
Want to know how to get money to start a new business? Discover some of the most popular ways to obtain the funds you need without breaking the bank.

How to Get Money to Start a Business
Not sure how to get money to start a business? Learn some of the most popular ways to get funding so you can launch your new business.

How to Get Money to Start a Business
Not sure how to get money to start a business? Learn some of the most popular ways to get funding so you can launch your new business.

Successful Crowdfunding
What makes a successful crowdfunding campaign? Discover the three secrets that can make you extremely effective at attracting the right investors.

Starting Up a Small Business
Planning on starting up a small business? Learn the ten key components that make up a solid foundation so you can avoid the common pitfalls.

How to Find Working Capital
Want to know how to find working capital? Discover multiple ways to get access to working capital for your business so you can have the funds you need.

How to Get a Dun & Bradstreet Rating
Not sure how to get a Dun & Bradstreet rating? Discover what it takes to get a rating with Dun & Bradstreet so you can have a creditworthy business.

Business Credit
Are you leveraging business credit? Learn the secret to protecting personal credit as a business owner and how you can build a creditworthy business.

Unsecured Business Credit Line

5 Ways to Boost Your Business Credit Scores
Do you know your business credit scores? Learn how to boost your company's business credit ratings in five different ways.

How to Correct Errors on Your Business Credit Reports

4 Ingredients that Influence Your Ability to Get Business Credit
What factors impact your ability to get credit for your business? Learn the key ingredients that influence your ability to qualify for business credit.

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