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A recession is often one of the best times to start a business. However, one of the problems most entrepreneurs have when starting their own business is finding financing.
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Best Business Opportunities with the Most Profit Potential in 2013
Here are ten of the most profitable small businesses opportunities with lower initial investments to start in 2013.

Business Opportunities with the Most Profit Potential in 2012
Here are ten of the most profitable small businesses with the lowest initial investment to start in 2012.

Best Profitable Small Businesses to Start in 2011
Here are the best profitable small business to start in 2011.

Take Advantage of Other Companies’ Outsourcing Needs
You can start a profitable new business during a recession doing outsourcing work for other companies.

Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Business
How do you start a business? If you really want to start a business, this will give you ten steps you should take in order to start a business.

Sources of Small Business Financing
Here is a list of some of the sources for small business financing. The key for small businesses is finding a source of financing that fits your individual business and has a favorable interest rate.

Six Sources of Business Financing for your Startup Business
Financing a small business is often difficult and financing a startup business is even more difficult. Here are six sources of business financing for your startup business.

Company Vision Statement and Business Planning
A vision statement for a company is an articulation of where you see your company going in the long-term. It is your perspective on your company's future. It should reflect your dreams and your passion for your business. Writing a compelling vision statement for a business plan will help you secure funding for your business.

Incorporate a Business Online

Low Cost Merchant Account
Need a low cost merchant account for your startup? Learn how to accept credit cards for your business at the lowest possible rates.

What is My D&B Number
What is my Dun and Bradstreet Number? Learn how to check if your business has a DUNS Number and how to obtain a D&B Number if you don't have one.

How to Get Money for a New Business
Want to know how to get money to start a new business? Discover some of the most popular ways to obtain the funds you need without breaking the bank.

How to Get Money to Start a Business
Not sure how to get money to start a business? Learn some of the most popular ways to get funding so you can launch your new business.

Starting Up a Small Business
Planning on starting up a small business? Learn the ten key components that make up a solid foundation so you can avoid the common pitfalls.

Business Credit
Are you leveraging business credit? Learn the secret to protecting personal credit as a business owner and how you can build a creditworthy business.

How to Accept Credit Cards for Your Business
Want to know how to accept credit cards for your business? Learn the two options available so you can start increasing sales and improving cash flow.

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