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Small business taxes are an obligation that small business owners spend a great deal of time on. If they don't prepare their own taxes, they collect receipts and records all year long in preparation for outsourcing their taxes to an accountant. Many tax issues face small business owners.
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How Does the new "Fiscal Cliff" Legislation Affect Small Business?
The fiscal cliff legislation has significant tax effects on small business.

Business Taxes: Sole Proprietorship Tax Forms for Filing and Paying Taxes
Sole proprietorships pay taxes through the owner's individual taxes. Nevertheless, there are specific forms that they must use. Here is a list and instructions for these forms for filing and paying taxes for a sole proprietorship.

How to Incorporate your Business Organization and Choose your Business Entity
When you start up a business, there are many decisions to make. One of the first decisions you may have to make is what type of business entity you want to have. You can start a sole proprietorship where you are the owner and the paperwork is simple. You can also start some type of corporation. It all depends on the needs of your business. The...

Tips on Tax Record Keeping for Small Businesses
Keep good tax records and you can maximize your deductions for your small business and minimize your income. After all, that's the goal when filing your taxes. Perhaps you can even come away from the experience with money in your pocket.

Business Tax Deductions
Business owners can deduct several categories of expenses from their income taxes. These expenses can be cost of goods sold, capital or deductible expenses, and a variety of other expenses such as business use of the home or vehicles.

Business Tax: Year End Business Tax Tips for 2011
At the end of every year, business tax becomes important to every small business. Year-end business tax planning will reduce your taxable income and your tax liability. Take a look at these tips for year-end business tax planning for 2011.

Federal Income Tax Provisions Expiring at the End of 2011
There are some federal tax provisions expiring at the end of 2011 which every business owner has to be aware of in order to do end-of-year tax and financial planning. Here is a list of some of the most important ones that are likely to apply to the most small businesses.

Bush Tax Cuts are Expiring - Would Passage Help Small Business?
Will expiration of the Bush tax cuts hurt small business?

Ten Tips for Income Tax Planning for Your Small Business
Small businesses can have a painless experience when they file their yearly or quarterly taxes if they follow these ten tips.

What Tax Return Form do I File for my Business?
Different forms of business organization are required to file different types of tax forms. Here are the types of forms that your business is required to file.

Get Your Employer Tax I.D. Number from the IRS
If you are starting a small business, even a sole proprietorship, it is best to get an employer tax identification number.

Forms of Business Organizations
This article summarizes the different types of different business organizations from a legal, accounting, and tax perspective.

Limited Liability Company
The limited liability company is one form of business organization that business owners can choose when they start a new small business.

How to Prevent the IRS From Auditing Your Small Business
Small businesses need to know how to prevent tax audits of their small businesses. Here are some steps you can take to prevent the IRS from picking your small business for a tax audit.

How to Prepare and File an Amended Tax Return
Federal income tax form 1040X allows small business owners to amend their income tax returns if they have made an error on them. There are instructions on the preparation and filing of Federal Tax form 1040X - Amending Your Federal Income Tax Return.

Income Tax Issues for Freelance Writers
Freelance writers have specific tax issues in 2008 and every year. This article discusses some of these issues and how freelance writers should handle them at the end of the tax year.

Deduct Your Employee Business Expenses
If you work for a small business, you may have business expenses that you pay out of your pocket. You need to know how to claim those expenses on your income taxes.

Tax Credit for New Homebuyers and Existing Homeowners
A tax credit in the amount of $8,000 for new homebuyers and $6,500 for existing homeowners was enacted by Congress and the Obama Administration to help the economy during the recession. You have to close on the homes by the end of June, 2010.

Should Online Businesses Have to Charge Sales Tax to their Customers?
Online retailers don't have to charge sales tax to their customers unless they have a physical presence in the customer's state. Some say this gives them a major advantage. There is a growing movement to require online businesses to charge sales tax to help state and local governments with their revenue.

Expense or Depreciate Items on Your Taxes?
It's always confusing whether or not you should depreciate or expense items on your on your income taxes. The rule is to expense current assets and depreciate long-term assets.

Last Minute Business Tax Tips for 2010
Last minute tax tips that can lower the 2010 tax liability for your business.

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