1. Money

Types of Business Budgets

There are many types of business budgets that companies need to think about and develop.

Cash Budgeting and How to Use it
This is a profile of one type of budgeting - cash budgeting. Cash budgeting is a short-term form of cash flow analysis.

Capital Budgeting and its Importance in Business
Capital budgeting is the process of acquiring fixed assets and capital investment projects. Capital budgeting projects are some of the largest investments a business will ever make. Business owners choose the project that has the highest rate of return as compared to the firm's weighted average cost of capital.

Build a Cost-Effective Marketing Budget for Your Small Business
Marketing is necessary for your small business to survive but it doesn't have to be expensive. Here are some cost-effective marketing strategies to try.

Publicity as a Marketing Tool for your Small Business
The beauty of adding publicity to your marketing arsenal is that it is free. In difficult economic times, publicity becomes particularly important to small businesses. Small businesses are trying to cut costs and taking advantage of publicity rather than expensive promotional activities is a smart idea for small business owners.

Budgeting - How to do a Financial Budget for a Small Business
When a business develops its strategic plan, it should also develop its operating and financial budgets. This is an overview of the financial budget and what it consist of.

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