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Reader Submissions: Successful Small Business Strategies During the Recession


Here are some businesses that knew a thing or two about surviving a recession. Read their stories! They are inspiring and will give you some ideas for your business!

Duncan Connor of Company.com

It's a simple case of managing how much flows in or out of your business and when. Successful businesses managed their expenses, maximized margins, and built their customer base.One of the first thin…More

Magna Leadership Solutions

The businesses that have identified their top talent and made a concerted effort to provide these individuals the elements to keep them motivated (not just with dollars) are the ones that have set th…More

Brookdale Community College

I have found that what many of my small businesses clients did right was to take advantage of free training programs offered by the State of New Jersey. Also successful small businesses took advantag…More


Companies took a number of right steps to rebound in 2010 including improved employee communication. Sharing information and allowing employees to address their concerns helped put any fears and anxi…More

Orb Audio

Small businesses that survived the recession (so far) found ways to replace lost sales. Whether it was with new products or new markets, it does not take a lot to have a positive impact on small busi…More


In a recession, smart businesses kept their focus on their neighborhood. Drive out roughly 14 minutes in each direction from your business and mark that on a map; your customers are most likely to co…More

The Godwin Group

The clients of the Godwin Group who rode out the recession well focused on the target market that they served by re-visiting the core values and retooling the vision and results. They continued to ma…More

STC Associates

STC Associates is a global brand management firm. It started in 1992 with one employee working from a closet. It is now a 50+ person organization headquartered on 5th Avenue in New York. It has offic…More

Salvatore Zerilli and Lee Boss, Mercadien

Most small businesses who survived and thrived during the recession can attribute their success to a solid business plan. By charting out where their business stood, in terms of financials, and where…More

The Retail Doc

Bob Phibbs wrote a newly released book, "The Retail Doctor's Guide to Growing Your Business: A Step-by-Step Approach to Quickly Diagnose, Treat, and Cure." His website is focused on approaches retail…More

Loaded Questions

During the recession, my company was not only able to survive, but actually thrive due to my business strategy. During a down economy, most people's entertainment budget's are stretched and they look…More


Founder Kelley Rexroad has been described as "a big company expert with front porch common sense." I am a business coach schooled in every area of human resource management in several industries, al…More

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